Charger Guy!  You’re feeling really good about your chances this weekend huh?  The Patriots lost Josh Gordon, Tom Brady didn’t put up his usual 40-50 Touchies this season, The Pats went 3-5 on the road this season blah blah blah.

Pipe Down Pencil Neck!   The game is in Foxboro, it’s not even on the road.  Phillip Rivers has never won in Foxboro.  He’s 0-7.  Oh and fuckin 7.  Yikes.  Who needs Gordon when you have Gronk, Edelman, Hogan, Dorsett and Cordarrelle Paterson?   Can you even get all those weapons on the field at the same time?   I don’t even think it’s possible.   Oh and you seem to be forgetting Sony Michel.  A bonafide stud and certified G numero uno draft pick that’s killing it at RB.  Did I even mention James “Sweet Feet” White?  They got him too.  This guy.

Look Phillip Rivers is a gunslinger and he can bring it on the field.  Even though he does throw it like a girl, but the Chargers are clearly overmatched here and are playing in a hostile environment where they have been notoriously bad.  Sometimes a team just has your number.  I’ve seen it first hand and it’s not good.  It’s psychological.  Chargers running back Melvin Gordon is playing with double knee braces like a fricken Notre Dame cornfed lineman.  Newsflash Pal!  It aint happenin.  Not this year, not any year as long as Brady and Belichick are around with this kind of firepower and weapons at their disposal.  Same as it ever was Charger Guy.  Same as it ever was.

Patriots 38 – Chargers 12   You can’t kick fieldies all day and expect to beat Tom Brady.   You gotta go touchie for touchie with that guy

Saints 42 – Eagles 21.  Nick Foles is better than Wentz but his run is over.   He reverts back to his normal self this game in New Orleans.  Like Brady and the Pats, Drew Brees has too many weapons to stop.

Colts 48 – Chiefs 45   The Chiefs defense is bad.  Really bad.   Kareem Hunt was a huge loss to the offense.  Andrew Luck will be unstoppable.

Cowboys 28 – Rams 21   The underdogs take both of Saturday’s games and the favorites clean up on Sunday.   Did anyone really not think the Rams were overrated this season?