What can you say? A bunch of butthurt former Patriots players and coaches got their “revenge game” against The Hood for being traded or allowed to sign massive free agent contracts because of him. I would prefer they just say thank you and be on their way but that’s how butthurt people roll.

But more importantly, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers “Pounded” the Miami Dolphins later in the day to the tune of 31 – 12. A real ass kicker. Rodgers lit up the Miami D for two hundo yds passing and 2 touchys. Miami seemed happy trying to match Rodgers touchdowns with field goals. That didn’t work out well. Um guys 7>3. Brock “Lobster” Osweiller was his usual self throwing a costly picky and getting sacked SIX TIMES!!! YIkes! Ever hear of throwing the ball away Brah? Here’s the highlights

In conclusion the Miami Dolphins are who we thought they were. Gonna leave you with some Brock Lobster outro music. And yes, Osweiller is your #1 QB butthurt Dolphins fans. Sorry for your losses. All 5 of them