I was at Wawa this morning, 7:30 am, ordering breakfast on the screen and realized I can’t eat a huge egg sub while driving without getting egg sauce all over me and I don’t want to eat a cold egg sandwich when I get to office.  I wasn’t sure if it would work but I backed out on the touchscreen and went lunch options.  It appeared to be working so I went full turkey BLT hoagie and sent it.  As a foodie this made me very excited.   Got to the office a few minutes early and devoured it.


My personal trainer Rusty was extremely disappointed in my breakfast choice.   These things happen.  It’s currently 2pm and I haven’t eaten since.  Still full.  Which got me thinking.   Why not go full Sub every morning at 7 am?   I’m looking at these suckers standing in a 20 man deep sub line at noon and saying “Who are these guys?   What planet are these guys from?   Planet Stupid?”   Not me Brah.  I had a footlong turkey BLT with mayo, pepperjack cheese and tons of bacon at 7 Brah.   And I was still to full at noon to eat lunch.  What I’m getting at here people is I have figured out a way to lose weight without excercise or changing our diet.  I’m pretty sure this works

P.S. You can walk into a Publix and order a full sub at 7am with no line.  I’ve been there.  Left the cold cuts out all night and had to replace them next morning.