Yes.  I didn’t notice it at the time because I was so nervous and shocked but I remembered them showing Belichicks face after the score and he looked like he had the entire situation under control.  He didn’t look flustered or upset.  So I went back and watched the final 3:00 minutes of game and Yep, they let the Chiefs score intentionally to get the final possession with a tie game.   Fucking genius.  Here’s the clip.

I’m gonna find a better version later and update but this will do for now.  3:14 left, Chiefs down by 7.  I think Belichick told the defense to tackle them on runs or get the ball carrier out of bounds to stop clock but if they go for the longball, let them have it.   Let them tie the game quickly so that we can give Brady the ball with 2+ minutes to burn the clock down to nothing and score the game winner.  “But why did Harmon and McCourty give chase?” You ask.  To prevent Hill from doing something weird like kneeling on the 1 yd line.  It makes sense.  The Chiefs defense was terrible all game.  There was no way they were gonna stop at least a field goal from being scored.  And you prevent KC from touching the ball on offense again.  This guy…


A coaching genius