Incredible.  Can’t think of a better way to win the division than doing it right in the faces of the Yankees and Yankee fans at Yankee Stadium.  Just teabagging them on their front porch.  It looked like it might not happen when JonCarro Stanton hit that grand slam in the fourth to give NY a 6-4 lead but the Sox came back to tie it up, go up by  2 and then Mookie Betts hit this absolute piss missile to seal it.

Also, a couple of things about these guys that “found” the division championship banner a few days ago.

First off, there’s no fucking way they found the banner.  It was definitely stolen.  2.     What substance are they on?   I’m guessing weed but possibly beers.  3.  Those are some wicked hardcore Boston accents.  4. What the fuck is with the red shoes on these guys?   Is that part of a uniform or something?  Are they in the red shoe gang?