The best football teams in Florida right now are as follows

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Rhino at QB

Yuge gap here

2. Jacksonville Jaguars.  Still have never won anything when it matters. Gigantic crybabies when they lose.  Got a shit ton of questionable calls today.

The biggest gap in the history of gaps.  A wizards sleeve if you will.

3. Miami Dolphins.  Yuge losers with even bigger loser fans.  Scum


Did you see how many ankles Tom Brady broke on this play?  Nasty.  This is where I relaxed and said.  OMG.  That’s next level shit.  I’ve never seen a play like that.  And it was executed perfect.   We are gonna be just fine.


To recap:   Rhino Fitzpatrick ; Mob Boss    Miami Dolphins; Shitty fucking bottom feeders that Brady is gonna carve up again and I can’t wait