Did I know who Danny Etling was before the draft?  Nope.  Never heard of him.  I watched him play but the name didn’t ring a bell.  I know I watched him play because he played for LSU and with Leonard Fournette so I was probably just focused on Fournette   Being a beast and truck sticking peeps like a bull in a ring.  But after watching this highlight reel and seeing The Hoodie patiently wait till the end of the draft to snag him I’m convinced he’s the next Tommy Boy Brady.

He doesn’t turn the ball over.  2 interceptions last year in Div 1 ball.  Nothing worse than throwing pickys.  Except maybe throwing said picky and having it returned for a touchy.  You know who also doesn’t throw pickys?   This guy.


Nolan Nolancrompolis Nolanowski And this guy.


Tom Brady.   Its that simple babe.  Make plays.  Dont turn the ball over.  Curb stomp the Jets and Dolphins multiple times per season.   Championships will follow.