Stormy Daniels recently had a sketch artist make a drawring of a man she alleges threatened her in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011 to keep quiet about some sex she claims to have had with Donnie J.   And the man the sketch artist drew looks EXACTLY like Tommy Brady.


It’s almost like she just gave the sketch artist this pic and said “draw him.  He looked like him”


Now Ol’ Nolo is not one to take what an old, drugged out, prostitute/pornstar says as the truth.   And she is going from memory here on a guy she thinks she saw 7 years ago.   But lets just say for this blogs sake that it was TB12 Allegedly…


Bro, I know you and the Trumpster are bros and go golfing and such but can you save some of the cool jobs for us?   I mean jeez, you are already the starting QB of the Patriots can we at least be Donald Trumps legbreakers?   Throw us a frickin bone here man.