There’s a sick guy that came into work last week coughing all over kitchen and bathroom.  He touched eveything.  Fridge, water cooler, door handles, coffee machine.  Since then people have been dropping like flies.   Ol Nolo has a scratchy throat and sore muscles since yesterday.

I saw the same guy come in today and heard him tell someone, “I’ve been in bed for 5 days.”   Big fat guy.

Heard him hacking in kitchen and bathroom again today so when I went in there later I wiped everything I planned on touching with one of these clorox wipes.

199E22D1-AC94-4885-8CE0-FC3B9A5E75A2.jpegI then proceeded to take a piss without washing hands.  Pain train.  Instant burns on my ding dong.  This is the grip I used.

69AD7039-5AD9-48FD-9E64-60A2D4EF3ED3.jpegDo Not touch your hog after using those devils napkins.  I had to rinse my dick in this sink mid piss. Double burn.