MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Thousands of male mosquitoes were released in South Miami’s Brewer Park Thursday.  They have been rendered sterile in a Kentucky lab by a company called MosquitoMate.  The mosquitoes were left incapable of impregnating females, after being infused with a Wolbachia bacteria.   The plan is over six months to release six million of the bugs that don’t bite, but have a healthy sex drive, and will mate with females whose eggs won’t hatch.

I get it.  There’s Zika in Miami mosquitos and they are trying to eliminate that horrible virus.  But I have 2 big problems with this theory of theirs.  First off, WTF is Wolbachia bacteria?  Much like Zika that doesn’t sound like something I want to catch.  And if the skeeters can pass the Zika virus on to humans by biting them, can’t they also pass Wolbachia bacteria on to us?   I’m 90% sure this is how the Walking Dead starts.


They say that they are male mosquitos only being released, which don’t bite, but didn’t  they also say that these modified male skeeters are gonna be fucking the native female skeeters?   Does that not pass the Wolbachia on to the female?   Pretty sure it does.  And when you are gonna release six million of those little fuckers you better be sure and right.

The other problem I have is when they say the modified males are all sterile so the eggs will not hatch.   That’s pretty much the exact same thing they thought in Jurassic Park and life found a way there.  It always does.