I was walking outside my office at lunch break and ran into an old guy that was detailing my bosses Audi.  I told him it was my bosses car and he hit me immediatly with a, “You know who you look like?”  Now I’ve gotten this many times in the past so I was expecting one of the following which I have already been assigned as dopplegangers by random strangers.


adam-sandler-9542505-1-402Adam Sandler.  I’ve gotten Sandler multiple times.


1110-mike-vrabel-getty-3imagesMike Vrabel.  I used to go to an Italian restaurant for lunch everyday and the owner, Jerry, swore this was my clone.  This is the most accurate one in my opinion.


k75WauaxAnd I even got a Scott Eastwood clone claim once from the girl at the Wendy’s drive through counter.  I swear I’m not making this up.  Handsome bastard does kinda look like me.

So when I responded “who?” I was expecting one of those choices.  But not this guy.  Nope.  He responded Al Fucking Gore.  Boom.  So mean.


Wasn’t expecting him to drop Al Gore on me on a sunny Thursday afternoon.  I’m kinda shook.  So I told the snookape.com crew about it and Cowdick sent me this mashup of me and Algore.


I showed it to the guy and he didn’t get the photoshop but he added, “Yeah, you look just like him.  Same nose, same face.”  He even made a big nose gesture with his hand and face when he said same nose.  Brutal.  I’m getting a haircut on ride home.  Can’t be running around looking like Algore.  FML