I’ve been hearing about alot of guys peeing sitting down lately.  Pete Blackburn of Section 10 Podcast does it.  Snookape.com blogger Cowdick says he does it late at night and early in the morning.  Not me.  That psychopathic thought has never entered my mind.

I’m a forward leaner.  That means I always stand, like the national anthem.  I place one hand on wall behind toilet about chest high, other hand holds shaft, lean forward approx. 45 degrees and whizz away.  Here is a sketch of how I pee in case you are having trouble visualizing it.  Nothing too complicated.


Why do I lean you ask?  Because it’s comfortable as fuck.  I just assumed everyone does this and I was shocked to hear that men are sitting.  The only downside is it leaves a mark on wall after 50 to 100 pisses.  Hand grease or what have ya.  Nothing a little spray of windex and a paper towel can’t handle.

Snookape.com contributor L.B. saw the sketch and pointed out that’s a crazy backhand that I have going on the shaft but it’s really forehand, like normal.  I’m just not good at sketching hands and had to muscle the back arm/hand into sketch to show that I’m not going all Free Willy action and peeing all over the joint.

Give it a try.  I call it the Forward Leaner.