Normally I would copy and paste the story here but I don’t need to.  The story is on every news website and every tv news show.  There’s supposedly a woman jogger in Ft. Collins, Colorado that is shitting in peoples yards.

It’s amazing that her picture has been out in the news for 6 days and nobody can identify her.  It’s amazing that nobody in a 5 mile radius of that neighborhood knows who she is.  Or maybe it’s really not that amazing because that’s impossible and the entire story is made up by people that just thought it would be funny to use the phrase mad pooper.

The entire story doesn’t pass the sniff test.  Do you really believe that a woman would run around a neighborhood and shit in peoples yards multiple times in same yard, in front of kids and then nobody can ID her when her picture is worldwide viral?  I don’t.  We all fell for it including me.  Well done mad pooper prankster guy.  You got us.  But Nolo is on to you.  Calling bullshit on the mad pooper story.