Growing up as a bucktoothed bearded Beiber belieber in the boroughs of the Bostonian badlands the word Yankee had only one meaning.  The hated New York Yankees and everyone that rooted for them.  Not sure when that changed but now everybody is being called a fuckin Yankee and it needs to stop.

People in Florida call me a Yankee because I’m from Boston.  I get it alot and it boils my blood.  Wrong.  I’m a Red Sox fan and that makes me exempt from being called Yankee.  I hate the Yankees.

Now Kim Jong Un, that pumpkin pie haircutted freak over in North Korea said today that he’s not going to launch missiles at Guam anymore but “warned that he could change his mind “if the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions.”


So now everybody in the U.S.A is a Yankee according to that lunatic.  Red Sox fans, Orioles fans it doesn’t matter to this dipshit.  I think it’s time for a reset and I will try to explain through pictures and memes so that everyone can understand.  Because it’s time to put an end to this nonsense.

This guy is a Yankee.Screenshot_20170815-095803

So is this guy.Screenshot_20170815-101805

This guy is certainly a Yankee.201412_1652_cgeab_sm

This guy is not a Yankee.IMG_62941

Neither is he.IMG_63051

Again not a Yankee.IMG_60581

These guys are Yankees.Instagram-kimjongun-titanic-d25221