PALM BEACH-By using exit polling outside of a well established high end sushi restaurant recently, a team of bloggers found that 10 out of 10 patrons don’t really like sushi at all.

The first four said they were all on a diet and felt less guilty after eating it for lunch but also admitted that it was, “gross, slimey and smelled like low tide.”

The fifth participant in the extremely accurate double blind scientific study said that he just goes there to make the Asian waitress list all of the sodas that they serve even though he had already determined that he was going to order a root beer before he even got there.  “I just like to hear her struggle to remember and pronounce all of the drinks with her accent” he said.

The next three customers said that had accepted an offer from their boss to go to a free lunch only to be dissapointed when he drove them to a place that serves raw fish.  “I’m never going to lunch with that asshole again” said one.

The final two participants said that they ate sushi but would have much rather had beef, chicken or cooked fish than that, “horrible shit.”