If I see thousands of bees I’m running.  I’ve been stung way too many times.  I got stung on my toungue once.  Swelled up like a balloon.  Got stung on the neck in my office a few years ago.  Went to scratch my neck at my desk, felt an itch, of course it was a bee.  Stung the shit outta me.  I’ve basically been stung all over and it’s no bueno.  Theres no amount of money that’s enough for me to go into a swarm of thousands of bees.  Not this guy.

He’s a member of the tarp crew.  Lol.  He went in there bare arm, bare leg, no smoke.  Aren’t you supposed to hit them with smoke before you go in there?  Just a complete maniac.  I bet he got stung a billion times in that clip and didn’t tell anyone.

Am I the only one that noticed he didn’t even come close to getting them all?  He took a little box with him.  There were at least a thousand more bees outside the box.  He got stung so many times he thought he could get away with the little box and we wouldn’t notice that.