I wrote in my blog yesterday that this beef wasn’t over so I was not surprised to see Mookie Betts get drilled by Dylan Bundy in the 6th last night.  The lone video out there is not letting me copy and paste it in here so here is a link to it.


95mph fastball to the hip.  I’ve been hit by a fastball before and hit hurts like a son of a bitch.  I’ve never been hit by a 95mph fastball thankfully.  I remember having a massive bruise on my leg that took forever to go away and it changed multiple colors including green.  A kid named Phil Kelley drilled me with that one and I still hate him to this day for it.

This drilling batters thing between the O’s and Sox has gotten completely out of control and I think the best and only thing the two teams could do is just drill one more and then fight and get it over with.  I would rather not see it happen tonight with the Red Sox having their ace on the mound in Chris Sale.  He’s thrown 10+ strikeouts a game in every start so far this season.  Sale does have a bit of psychopath in him though so it could happen.

For instance, last season while Sale was pitching for the White Sox, he didn’t like how the throwback uniforms he was supposed to wear for his start fit.  They were too loose and had a big polo collar on them.  So Sale took a pair of scissors to them before the game.  He slashed everybodies uni to shreds.  The White Sox had to wear different ones and they suspended Sale for 5 games.  That kinda leads me to believe that Sale could be “likes to drill the batter guy.”

I’m giving tonights chances of an all out brawl a 9 out of 10.