In case you missed the festivities in last weeks series between the Red Sox and Orioles, here’s how it all got started.  Manny Machado went late and high on a slide into 2nd base and cleated Dustin Pedroia in the calf.

It was the first game of the series and Pedroia missed the remaining 2 games with a knee injury.  The Sox have struggled at times this season to score runs so it was kind of a big deal to lose Pedroia’s bat for the rest of the series.

There was no retaliation in the second game.  But then in the third game this happened.  Sox relief pitcher Matt Barnes drilled Manny off the back of the helmet late in the final game with the Sox holding a 6-2 lead.

Weird thing was the ball hit his bat after hitting his helmet so the umps had Machado finish the at bat.  The Sox ended up winning the game but this beef appears to be far from over.  Some people criticised Pedroia for saying it wasn’t him at the end of that second clip to Machado but I don’t have a problem with it.  Pedroia is a small guy, he’s not looking to fight anybody.  Plus his knee was not 100% at the time.  Machado was jawing at him.