This is all speculation but I think this really could happen.  The Browns hold the first pick and everyone is assuming that they are gonna take Texas A&M pass rusher Myles Garrett but rumors are out there that they really like and are seriously considering taking North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky at #1.  They are afraid that he wont last until their 2nd pick at #12.

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 17 James Madison at North Carolina

Now if that happens there is a strong chance that the 49ers take Clemson QB Deshaun Watson at #2.


Like the Browns, the 49ers are in dire need of a good quarterback and Watson did just lead his team to a national championship over a loaded Alabama defense.


Now if both of those picks were to happen then another quarterback needing team is sitting at #3 in the Bears and here’s what I think could happen.  The Bears trade #3 to the Patriots in exchange for QB Jimmy Garoppolo and the Pats use #3 to take Myles Garrett.  He’s a beast of a pass rusher.


Swim move like you read about.  There’s no way coach Belichick would pass on Garrett if he has #3 and he’s still there in my opinion.  This scenario all depends on Cleveland flaking out and taking a QB at #1.  Everything else is realistic.  The Niners have nobody at QB, The Pats and Bears have made multiple trades recently (Marty Bennett, Shea Mclellin).  Garoppolo played at Eastern Illinois and was a second rd pick a few years ago.  He played really well as a starter last year during the Brady suspension until Kiko Alonso drilled him on this hit.