April 20th 2017 will be looked back on as the day it all began for millions of beer drinkers around the world.  That’s the day my superior Bostonian brain came up with the idea of SnookApe Brewery.  I have been thinking of ways to expand the SnookApe Empire and while enjoying an ice cold beer last night watching the games it hit me.  Beer.  EY and Cowdick are onboard and we may get a few others to jump on the SnookApe Skiff.  We plan on keeping it simple with 3 great products.

SnookApe Lager – The flagship

Sheepshead Ale – Gotta switch it up a little.  Good for hot weather drinking.

And a yet to be named hard cider – Something to get the ladies drunk.

You have my word that we will never “fruit the beer” or add any weird spices or orange peels or any of that other weird shit people are ruining good beer with.  Keep it simple stupid and make great beer are our mottos.  This is gonna be epic.FullSizeR1gxch