Screenshot_2016-08-12-06-21-35Look at how big of a lead Phelps had last night at the finish of the 200 meter individual medley.  He won his 22nd gold medal in that race.  Shouldn’t the other guys be closer to him than they are?  They have been training for 4 years for the race and they cant even come close to the guy?  I personally think Phelps is clean and all the other guys need to start cheating to avoid getting embarrased like that.  They shouldn’t even give out a silver and bronze on an ass kicking like that.  Just give em all to Phelps.

1470998682594Thats not Phelps, thats cowdick.  He quit blogging so he can concentrate on trannys.  Here’s an attempt to post a video of the 200 meter indiv medley but NBC sucks and is copyrighting everything like UFC